How can we help people get work done?

Problem: Freelance workers need quiet places to work and meet with clients or take calls.

Solution: PostUp is an app that helps people find a place that is good for getting work done nearby.

My Role

How I worked on this bootcamp project in two weeks in 2020.


I validated the problem through primary and secondary research.

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I sketched screens and a storyboard to test the ideas for the best solution.

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I created hi-fidelity designs for usability testing.

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Getting inspiration from other apps

I searched for apps that help you find coffee shops for working. I also looked at apps to see how their search and filter functions worked.

Sketching the most critical screens

What would the user see as their search results, as well as before and after?

Creating a storyboard for the full experience

1. Search for an app an app store, install app.
2. Open app, enter location.
3. See results, tap on one place for more info.
4. Review info about place, see how to get there.
5. Walk to place and work!

Is this helpful for people?

I wanted to see if people would use this app many times and if it would be helpful for finding good working spaces.

usability testing

Issues with the UI

After having five people try out the prototype, this is what I heard:

Icons are confusing

It was not clear what the menu icons meant.

Reviews are unclear

Some people didn't see this or it was confusing how to leave a review.

More info wanted

People wanted to know more about amenities, and options for ways to get to the shop.

Revisions of the design

Based on the feedback I heard, I made some minor changes to the UI:

- Labels with the menu icons

- Link for more info about amenities

- Option to change the mode of transportation

- One clear CTA for leaving a review