Cayte is a freelance UX and graphic design manager. She spent the last eight years managing designs for Virgin Pulse.

After a stint in Arizona and freelancing for a couple years, Cayte began her career at Virgin Pulse as the first in-house web designer. She created all design work for the member site, which helps employees strive to be healthier, by rewarding them for doing healthy things. She then switched to graphic design on the Marketing team, where she created materials to promote the business to potential clients. This includes white papers, ebooks, social media assets, and more.

Cayte spent the last few years as the design manager for member marketing and custom communications. This includes producing and overseeing designs for all of Virgin Pulse’s members, and branding pieces for high level clients such as Warner Media, Bose, and Bank of America.

Cayte is currently splitting her time between Boston and Rio de Janeiro, doing freelance design work.

Shoot her an email at cayte@caytedesigns.com.